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OUC Half Training – W8D54 – Distance 5 Miles

One month from today I will be running in my first half marathon! I’m feeling pretty good about it as I continue to train for a time under one hour and fifty minutes. Today’s five mile maintenance run felt a little better than yesterday’s run. As always the first mile was a little tough. I seemed to catch every light red! By the second mile I was feeling a lot better and got into a great stride as I crossed the river. Before I left I had thought that it was cold out since the temperature read 55 degrees, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. As I ran along the river I had to roll up my long sleeves as the morning sun beat down on me. It was the first time since I arrived in Boston this trip that I was reminded of Florida.

In Cambridge I made it to the half way point, so I turned around and headed along the river back towards Boston. The wind was hindering my run so I had to increase my effort to maintain my pace. Where did all this wind come from all of a sudden? I managed to get through it okay as I was careful not to let anything get in my eyes. I arrived back on the other side of the river just in time for my final mile, which was supposed to be run at a faster pace than the other four. The feat was accomplished as I ran another progression run. I hope I can do this tomorrow because the plan actually calls for that. I finished the 5.02 miles in 46:39.


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