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OUC Half Training – W8D55 – Distance 12 Miles

wpid-20151106_061814.jpgToday was not a good run.  Almost everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong.  The morning started out pretty well.  I woke up at 5:30 and realized that I didn’t have to get up for another thirty minutes, so I laid back down and went to sleep again.  At about 6:05 I finally got out of bed and dressed for my run.  The temperature was in the 50s so I dressed for a warm run.  I attached my SPIBelt with my energy gel in it and my armband with my phone in it and headed outside.  It was still a bit dark out, but not so dark that I was in danger of not being seen by drivers or pedestrians.

My first two miles were a warm up so I ran them at a slower pace, which was about 9:45 per mile according to my Nike app at the time.  Those two miles took me into the river area and to the other side in Cambridge.  It was so beautiful over there! The sky had a pink tint as the sun was rising behind the Boston skyline, so I stopped to take pictures.  When I arrived at the river, I noticed that the path to the right was blocked off and said to take a detour.  It said the path was under construction.  I had seen that other mornings but people were still passing between the cones.  I wondered if that would hinder my running route at all because I planned of making a giant loop using that path.


When I began mile three I started to pick up my pace a bit.  The next nine miles were supposed to be run at a progression.  I was feeling pretty good after my warm up and felt ready for a strong run.  I made my way around the river and towards the bridge that leads to the Public Gardens.  I noticed that once again the path that I usually take was blocked off.  I worried that I may not be able to get over to the bridge.  I took another path and finally made it to the bridge with a little work around.  I ran all the way around the Gardens and the Common and then back down the hill that I love so much.  That hill makes my pace look really good during the mile I am on at the time.

I made my way back to the river at a little over six miles.  This is when the run started to take a turn for the worst.  The path that led back to my starting point wasn’t blocked off, but the concrete was all dug up.  I’m not sure what they are doing with it, but the paths have always been in great condition.  I guess they just felt the need to destroy it, I don’t know.  I kept running in that direction because I really needed to go to the bathroom and I planned on getting a drink from the water fountain there.  I turned the corner and saw the bathroom area, but there was huge machinery blocking the path.  I almost turned around, but two girls ran past me so I followed.  They ran right along the dug up pathway and no one said anything so I continued to follow them.  As I come up to the bathroom I noticed straight away that the water fountain was in a heap of metal on the ground!  I thought, “What am I going to do now?!”  I continue into the bathroom and when I was done washing my hands I splashed some of the sink water on my face; It helped cool me off a bit.  When I exited the bathroom I opened my chocolate energy gel (my sister picked the best flavors for me!) and turned left to continue my run.  Up ahead the lane was blocked again and I didn’t see anyway around it.  I decided to turn around and head back the way I came.


In this part of the park there are bridges every so often that lead to another path that is closer to the water.  I usually avoid these paths because of all the dog poop that seems to live there, but that path was not under construction.  All I wanted to do then was get to the dog poop path and avoid all the construction mess.  I ran exactly where I had before and one of the construction guys calls at me to get off the path and run in the grass.  At least he was a friendly guy.  I did what he said and ran as fast as I could to get out of there.  I finally made it out of the construction area and I found a water fountain!  I drank some water and went on my way again.  I ran about twenty feet and then I started choking on my energy gel; I swallowed it wrong.  I was about to head back to the water fountain, but I recovered and continued my run.  I ran through the next construction area and towards the water fountain I used to stop at which was still not working.

Right after I hit eight and a half miles I looked down at my Nike + app and there was a white dialog box asking if I was sure I wanted to stop my run.  I’m not sure why this box came up but it happened earlier in the run and it has happened on other runs.  I stopped running and accidentally hit yes.  I couldn’t believe what just happened as the Nike app was back on the home screen and my run just vanished.  I went to the activity tag and there was not run to be found.  I had heard some cheers earlier, so I went to Facebook to check my notifications.  I saw them for a second to see I had a comment on my run and then they disappeared as well.  I was so disappointed.  All of my splits and my map were just gone now.  I remembered that my pace just now was about 9:24 when I hit the 8.5 mile mark, so I manually entered the data and hoped that I could still finish my run strong with this new disappointment hanging over my head.  I really love looking at my stats after my run and I really wanted to see if I actually ran a progression like the plan called for.

When I was almost to the Harvard Bridge I stopped at the water fountain along the way; nope, still not working.  What the heck Boston?  Runners depend on those water fountains.  Next week I will be carrying a water bottle.  I took a little break to put a piece of Quench gum in my mouth and then continued to run to the Harvard Bridge.  When I made it back to the Boston side of things I realized I would be short about a mile so I took a right and ran towards Kenmore.  When I was about to turn around, I spotted a water fountain so I paused my workout and walked over to it.  All I had to do now was run home, I told myself.  That’s exactly what I did.  The rest of the eleventh mile I ran at a hard pace to finish my progression.  According to the app my second to last mile was at a 8:55 pace, which isn’t great for speed.  I ran about the same pace the last mile as well, just to get this run finally over with.

I believe that my time for the entire 12.17 miles was about 1:52:29.  That gives me an average pace of 9:14 a mile, which is pretty good for a very hard and confusing twelve mile run.  I am so glad that I do not have to run tomorrow, but I do have to get up at about 4:45 in the morning to catch my flight for Wine and Dine.  runDisney put out a heat advisory for the Half so be careful and remember to hydrate if you are running.  Hope to see you there!



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