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OUC Half Training – W9D58 – Distance 10 Miles

Today was one of the workouts that I had been dreading.  I was still tired from my long weekend and there was a brief moment when I thought that I might skip it.  That thought quickly left as I got out of bed and got ready for my run.  It was in the 40s out so I wore my arm warmers to the gym.  Today’s run was a ten mile speed workout.  The first and last miles were the warm up and cool down, where half of each of those were done on the way to the gym and back.  The other eight miles were supposed to be done at half marathon race pace.  I’ve decided that I would like my half race pace to be 8:20.  That pace would give me a finish time of 1:49:14 and would meet my goal time.  That goal pace will be a huge challenge because my best 10k pace is 8:16.  I believe I am up for the challenge.

Today’s run really helped my confidence in my goal because I was able to keep a 8:19 pace for 8 miles without feeling horrible.  When I was done I felt exhausted and throughout the day my legs felt fatigued.  I made the mistake of stretching before I left the gym.  It gave me time to cool down making the 40 degree temperatures feel even colder through my sweaty clothes.  It did cause me to run at a 7:49 pace per mile for that last half mile!  The entire 10.17 miles took 1:26:34 giving me a pace of 8:30.  I was very happy with my time and know that I can make my goal come race day!


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