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OUC Half Training – W9D59 – Distance 7 Miles

wpid-20151110_073556.jpgBoston was feeling back to normal this morning because it was so cold out it almost felt painful.  I was very thankful for my running tights which kept my legs warm during the run.  I really should get warmer clothes for the rest of my body, but I only have about two more weeks here until I head back to sunny and hot Florida.  Today was a seven mile easy run.  When I got to the river I was expecting there to still be construction on the right side, but there were no detour signs posted.  I decided to complete my usual loop and then some to make up six miles, and then head home for the last mile.  Surprisingly, the construction that was happening on Fridaywas nowhere to be seen.  I still have no idea why they were tearing up the paths, but they seem to have fixed them pretty fast.

I felt good during the run despite how exhausted I have been lately.  I finished the seven miles in 1:05:20 with a 9:19 average pace per mile.  I think it’s good that my training pace is only a minute per mile slower then my goal pace.  I just hope that I can give it my all on race day.  I also hope that I am able to get my run in before the weather turns worse in the morning, because the forecast says it is supposed to rain all day.  We shall see!


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