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OUC Half Training – W10D64 – Distance 5 Miles

wpid-20151115_095150.jpgI went running after nine this morning and it was still 40 degrees out. The cold motivated me to run faster as I ran an 8:57 first mile. As I got to the river I took a left and ran straight down my favorite five mile route. There were a lot of people out this Sunday morning despite the cold. I even saw people dressed in shorts and a short sleeve shirt! My Florida blood could never handle that. Since I started off so strong I decided to keep a strong steady pace the entire run. The pace wasn’t my fastest, but it wasn’t my normal slower training pace either. On mile five I sped up for my fast last mile like my training plan said to do.

I finished the five miles in 43:51 giving me a pace of 8:45! It has been a long time since I had a fast run outside, since I now do all of my speed work on the treadmill. According to my Nike app I ran my fastest 1k in 4:38 and my fastest pace was 6:26 per mile! I also hit 1000 miles since I started using the app in March. On Charity miles I am now 7th out of over 1000 other Gryffindors and I hope to climb up some more before the house competition ends at the end of the year.

After my run this morning I decided to head over to City Sports to pick up some energy gels and Clif Bars for my last two long runs before my race. I walk in the store and right away I noticed that there were yellow percentage off signs on almost everything. I walked around the store once and thought, “this is weird,” and that is when I looked up to see the closeout signs; City Sports was going out of business. I had heard a couple weeks ago that the one on Massachusettes Ave was closing, but I had thought that was a one store thing. Apparently the company filed for Bankruptcy and started closing stores in October. They wanted to keep the Boston ones open and sell them, but they couldn’t find a buyer so they had to resort to closing all of the stores. They just couldn’t compete with the national retail sporting good chains. This really hurts because City Sports was a nice local chain where I could shop for running gear while in Boston and at home from their website, and now it is no more.


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