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OUC Half Training – W10D65 – Distance 9 Miles

wpid-20151116_073454.jpgToday was my last speed workout in Boston this trip. The plan had a long three mile warm-up so I decided to complete that portion outside. I ran to the river like I do during my other runs, but this time I took a right and continued to the bridge that led to the Public Gardens. I ran the perimeter or the Gardens and then ran through the center and stopped to take photos if I saw something I had to capture. When I had almost completed my three miles I headed to the gym for the speed part of the run.

Speed workouts never seem to get easier and they are always the day that I dread the most, even more so than long runs. Today I had to run five miles with a progression. I started at about a 9:40 pace per mile and ended with a 7:30 pace at the end of mile five. During mile four I really wanted to quit and just take a break, but I knew that if I stopped it would be so much harder to restart. Also I won’t be stopping during the race, so why stop during training?

After the fifth speed mile I did half a mile cooldown, stretched, and then ran half a mile home (feeling very proud of myself!) for a total of 9.16 miles. The entire run took me 1:22:57. I have to say I felt great after the run, though I can’t wait for an easier day tomorrow!



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