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OUC Half Training – W10D66 – Distance 7 Miles

I couldn’t believe how cold it was when I looked at the temperature on my phone this morning, and I had to double check it. Unfortunately, it was indeed 34 degrees outside. I reluctantly got out of bed to find some warm running clothes and then headed downstairs. I could feel the cold air before even I opened the front door. Once outside I stood there shivering while I started my Nike app and waited for the cross walk symbol to say it was okay to proceed.

I felt a little better once I started moving causing me to speed up and finish the first mile in just under nine minutes. There are no photos in this post because I was just too cold to stop and take any. Once I arrived at the river I noticed that the left side was now under construction. There were orange cones and detour signs blocking it off and I could see the machinery off in the distance. I took a right and followed the path around the river. I wondered when and where I would get detoured around the construction. I found out during mile four when I couldn’t enter the ramp leading from the Harvard Bridge due to even more orange cones and detour signs. I kept running and took the first left I could. I still needed about another mile so I ran back to the river to make up the mileage.

On my way back to the river a man yelled to me on the overpass that the path was closed. I was just here so I knew that was not the case and continued on my way. I took a right again, ran about half a mile and then turned around. As I made it back to the detour signs I noticed that there were quite a few runners on the other side. How did they get there? Both sides of the path were blocked. Did they go through the detour signs? I just shook my head and headed back to my apartment. I finished the 7.01 miles in 1:04:47 giving me an average pace of 9:14. I really hope it’s a bit warmer for tomorrow morning’s run.



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