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OUC Half Training – W10D68 – Distance 5 Miles

wpid-20151119_073253-1.jpgIt amazes me how people here act like runners don’t exist. It happens at work, but I didn’t expect it to happen when I am barreling down a hill at over seven miles per hour. One lady walked right in front of me crossing my path. She was on the phone and walking really slow. She was even looking at me while she did it! I barley missed her, but I couldn’t help think, what is wrong with people? A lot of these people don’t even seem to mind being run into. I have hit several and they just kept walking, not even turning around. It is like they are used to it and it doesn’t bother them. One guy at the end of my run today did turn around and look back at me like it was my fault. He was walking in the opposite direction, looking at his phone and not paying attention to where he was going. He drifted over in front of me at the last second on a very narrow path. I clipped his shoulder and kept going. People here make no sense.

Anyways, besides the people in the city on my first and last mile I had a pretty good run! I ran almost the same route as yesterday, but this time I ran on the path that was right on the water’s edge. As I was on this path during mile two I heard a noise that sounded like a dog collar behind me. I turned around and sure enough there was a dog! It was a beautiful, active looking dog and it ran by my side in the grass until it made it’s way to it’s owner. I just smiled; it was nice running with a dog even if it was only for a couple seconds.

Miles two and three were my slowest, but I picked up my pace during mile four for my return home. Mile five was supposed to be my fastest so I ran as fast as I could maintain for a mile while stopping for red lights. At one point I ran at a 6:44 pace! It was going downhill, I believe, but still a great accomplishment! My total time for the 5.03 miles was 46:02 giving me an average pace of 9:09. I felt great during the run and hope I can keep it up for tomorrow’s long progression!

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