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OUC Half Training – W10D69 – Distance 12 Miles

I had planned to complete my last run in Boston around the Charles River and Boston Common. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas.  When I went to bed last night the weather app on my phone had said it would be raining early this morning, but I was hoping that it would hold off.  When I woke up I looked out the window and decided to head to the gym for my three mile warm up.

I arrived at the gym a little after six am and there was hardly anybody there, which was nice.  I headed straight to a treadmill after I grabbed a hand towel and immediately continued my warm-up.  Since I ran half a mile to get there I only had to run 2.5 to finish the warm-up.  When I finished I went back to the street to see if the rain had stopped.  It hadn’t stopped; it had actually started raining harder.  Feeling defeated I made my way back downstairs to the treadmill.

I knew yesterday after I checked the weather that I may have to complete my long run on a treadmill.  I also knew that it would take a different kind of strength to do so:  mental strength.  I started the progression portion of the run that was supposed to last for eight miles.  I originally wanted to run three or four miles and then try to go back outside again.  The further I ran the more miles I thought I could handle on the treadmill.  It got to where I decided to run six miles of the progression and then take a break to eat my energy gel and get some water.  I started out at about a 9:40 pace per mile and got all the way down to 8:30 before I took my break.  I had run out of my energy gels from my Birthday, so I picked up a couple at City Sports over the weekend.  If you read my Sunday post then you know that City Sports was going out of business and therefore didn’t have many choices in flavors for energy foods.  I had picked up an espresso and a lemon.  During today’s run I tried the espresso.  I hate the taste of coffee, but I don’t mind coffee flavored things and that energy gel was pretty good!  It was just what I needed to get me back on the treadmill after my little break.

The next two miles were pretty tough because they were done at a faster pace.  I picked up from where I left off in the previous six miles and then kept increasing the pace until I got to about 7:30.  I was really glad to begin the cool-down.  My training plan had said to give it my all and I did just that.  After the half mile cool-down on the treadmill I went and got a mat to begin my stretching.  I even foam rolled a bit since I had a little extra time.

I felt incredible on my run home.  Before I started my training, I was unsure of whether or not I could handle the advanced Nike + plan.  Chris told me to go for it, so I did!  And now I had just finished my last hard week of training by conquering a treadmill long run!  I really feel ready for my half marathon.  I completed the entire 12.14 miles in 1:49:07 and couldn’t be happier with that time.  I am looking forward to my next run which will be back home in Florida!


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