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OUC Half Training – W11D72 – Distance 10 Miles

Today was my last hard run before my race.  The plan said to run a one mile warm-up, then eight miles at race pace, and then a one mile cool-down.  Since I had to maintain a certain speed I decided to complete the run on a treadmill.  This was extremely hard because it was such a beautiful day out.  After all the rain we had the past couple of days, a cold front moved in causing a very nice, cool, Florida Fall day.  I hope it lasts a couple of days so I can take advantage of the nice running weather.

It was so cool when I woke up this morning that I decided to do my run in the afternoon.  That was a huge mistake.  I am not an afternoon runner, which made the run ten times harder.  I started out okay with the warm-up but then when I went into race pace my mind started doubting myself.  After a mile and a half I was ready to quit.  I had the TV on in the gym, but once I started running the treadmill was so loud that I couldn’t hear it, so there was nothing to distract me from the hard run.  I made it four miles and then I had to stop to take a break and hydrate.

I started back up to race pace, but this time I only lasted a mile.  My side started hurting  and I was only halfway done!  I took a brief break to use the restroom and drink some more water.  I planned on running the rest without stopping, but after two more miles I saw that I got a text, so I stopped to answer it and drink some more water.

Now I only had three miles left!  I could definitely complete that without stopping, which I managed to do.  I finished the ten miles in 1:26:15 giving me an average pace of 8:37.  I felt very relieved to finish the run and even though it was tough I feel that I am ready for my race next month.


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