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OUC Half Training – W11D73 – Distance 5 Miles

Thankfully it was still cool out when I went for my run this morning.  I even wore arm warmers, though I did have to remove them before the halfway point of my five mile run.  The way I have my Nike app set up is that it tells me the distance, time, and pace every half a mile.  As I mentioned Sunday, I feel that I run faster in Florida despite the warmer weather.  During today’s run I was really surprised that my pace was hovering around nine minutes per mile since it was supposed to be an easy maintenance run.  I thought that I was actually getting faster!  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  You see, I had put the app on indoor mode during my treadmill speed workout yesterday to see how accurate it was.  It turns out that it is not very accurate for faster paces and by the end of yesterday’s run it was off by over a mile!  When I started today’s run I forgot to change the app back to outdoor mode.  When I got home I realized my mistake and my faster pace made a lot more sense.  It wasn’t off by much, but I believe that I may have had an average pace between 9:15 and 9:30, which is still great!  Hopefully I remember to fix the app before tomorrow’s run.


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