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The Costume Journey: Part Three – The Design

Once I had the idea to dress up as Pocahontas for the Princess Half Marathon, ideas just started flowing from the actual design, to the materials that I would be using.  The first thing I had to find was a running outfit pattern that I could use to work for my costume.  I found one pattern that I loved and thought would work perfectly.  It was on a few sites, but the best deal was on Hancock fabrics.  I had actually bought last year’s fabric at one of their stores when I was in Virginia last Fall for a really great price!  Here is the pattern that I purchased:


Now that I had the pattern I was going to use, I could sketch out the design while using the pattern as a base.  Here is a quick sketch of my costume idea:


It took a long time to finally get the fabric I wanted to use.  I found quite a few sites, but none with the perfect fabric until I saw a fabric from Fashion Fabrics Club.   It was the perfect golden yellow color of Pocahontas’ dress.  I couldn’t believe how well it matched when I compared it to a picture of her dress from the movie.  The fabric was also the perfect material and had four way stretch, which is great for making running and athletic clothing!  I also had to find a fabric for the one shoulder which is supposed to look like a skin tone.  I found a lighter color of the same kind of material from the same site.  I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I think it will work once the costume is finished and all together.


Costume Fabric


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