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Race Recovery and Taking it Easy

After my race a couple weeks ago I took a couple of much needed days off.  It was nice to have some rest time, but I was really wanting to get back out there and train hard so I can get a PR in February.  My hips were still a bit sore so I decided to do some short runs that were no longer than five miles.  The first two days I ran 3.27 miles with a rest day in-between and felt great!  On the third run day, however, I believe that I pushed myself too far.  I was running at a pretty fast pace and at about mile two I experienced major pain in my right hip, so I cut my five mile run short and headed home, very slowly.

I decided to take some more rest days and finally go get my x-rays taken.  After three days of rest and some mild cross training, I couldn’t help but run until I found out the results of the x-rays. It wasn’t the smartest idea, but yesterday I ran a very slow 5k.  It was probably the slowest pace that I have every trained at. I knew that at the first feeling of pain that was anything more than soreness or mild discomfort, I would stop running and walk the rest of the way home.   I actually didn’t feel that bad.  I don’t know if it would have hurt more if I ran faster, but it only seems to hurt a lot if I twist my body or go up stairs.  I have to make sure that my hips are centered and turned forwards to lessen the pain.

Today I ran the furthest that I have run since the half marathon: five miles.  I started off slow, but increased the speed as much as I felt my body would allow.  The main reason I sped up was because I wanted to get out of the heat as soon as possible!  Is this really December?  My phone said it was 73 degrees out, but it felt almost unbearable because of the humidity!  On the plus side I got to wear my new dark side training shirt for the Star Wars Half Marathon in April.  Unfortunately all I could think about was how I would have to run that half in heat like this.  Whoever thought of having a half marathon in Florida in late April really doesn’t know anything about Florida weather.   I hope I am able to survive it, though I am not counting on a PR.

This evening I received word about my x-rays and apparently everything looks fine!  I will go in on Tuesday to discuss what to do next because my hips are still in pain.  Hopefully they will figure it out.  I did sign up for another race; the Lady Track Shack 5k at the end of January.  I will be running with my Mum, but not with her.  She said that I can go ahead, but she will be running in the race too!  I’m hoping to set a PR since the only 5k I have done was my first race ever at 27:25.  I also am going to be following a modified Nike training plan leading up to Princess weekend.  Since I am three weeks behind now and I haven’t been running much, I am going to slowly increase my mileage while doing their format with long runs, speed workouts, and recovery runs.  I also want to add in more cross-training and hill workouts!  We’ll see how it goes!


Lion helping me work out


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