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Race Etiquette

Race etiquette is something that I have been seeing discussed a lot after last week’s marathon weekend at Disney World.  It saddens me to read about so many accounts of rude exchanges between runners while they participate in a sport that I love so much.

If you have been following my blog then you know that I plan to race any race that I register for.  There are people out there who feel that all Disney races should be considered fun runs.  While I don’t mind if people want to stop for pictures, I do have a problem with that mentality.  Someone posted that as they ran by some walkers, the walkers yelled at them to “slow down” and “this isn’t a race,”  which just isn’t true.  Disney events are races and no one should be yelled at because they want to try their best and run.

It works both ways, runners shouldn’t yell at the walkers to move faster either.  If they want to walk the whole race that is their business.  The problem exists when walkers or runners aren’t using proper running etiquette.  I have heard too many stories of walkers walking five or six abreast and taking up the whole lane where people can’t get around.  There should be an opening to pass somewhere whether it is on the right or the left.  I prefer it on the left because then it would be just like driving on the roadways.

There were also a lot of people that were running intervals and would just stop and walk in the middle without looking to see if anyone was behind them, which is very dangerous.  The walker has the chance to be plowed over and the runner behind them could injure themselves by trying to stop fast to avoid a collision.  I believe that Disney races would be a lot better if people were courteous and aware of everyone around them.  It is really simple and would avoid a lot of problems.

Now that all of that is out of the way I would just like to add why I run Disney.  I run at Disney because I grew up in Central Florida and love the parks so much.  Running through the theme parks is a huge motivation for me and it helps me to run my best.  It is a great distraction from the pain of racing because racing is painful, but the satisfaction that I get once I finish a race is well worth it.  I will never forget the feeling I had when I crossed the finish line during the Enchanted 10k last year.  I knew that I did the best that I could and I had an amazing experience.  I can get pictures with the characters anytime, but I can only get that feeling of accomplishment during a race.


4 thoughts on “Race Etiquette

  1. I am so with you. I have had a several PRs at Disney races and even had two near PRs at GSC in 2015. Even in the early corrals though (I have been fortunate to be in A for most of my runDisney events), have people who don’t follow etiquette and it is really dangerous. I was almost plowed over by someone that decided to start at the front of corral A and walk three abreast in the throng. Many people were yelling at them and a few people crashed into them. One person rolled an ankle trying to get around them. I still wonder what they were thinking when they decided to walk as a trio when there were 7,000 people surging ahead and rather quickly (these were the 8:30 min/mile) toward/around them.

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    • That is horrible! This year’s Princess will be my first Disney half and I was hoping to get in corral A, but I think I could be in A, B, or C. I was worried about people stopping and walking in the early corrals, but never thought that it would happen in A! When I did the 10k last year it was great! I was at the front of corral A, so when we started, there was no chance for people to walk in front of me because I was running fast the whole time. It was a great experience and I was hoping it would be like that for the half.

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      • I think the key is to try to seed yourself in such a way that your are of similar if not a tiny bit slower pacing to those around you. My dad helped me with that in Disneyland for Dumbo the first time and I am confident it was the key to my significant double PR that weekend. If you seed appropriately, you keep pace and have someone to chase, which always helps me run better. 🙂 Good luck at Princess! 🙂


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