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LED Arm Band Review

IMG_2329_cropI am not usually a nighttime runner, but I received some LED running armbands by Straight Edge Innovations at a discount for giving my honest review.  I was really excited to find out that they were red which would be perfect for my Star Wars dark side half marathon costume!  I plan on dressing up as a Sith Lord and incorporating all kinds of red LED lights on top of my black base costume.

As my runs get longer leading up to Princess, I will have to be getting up earlier and earlier; sometimes before the sun has risen.  It is very important to be visible while running and that is where the arm bands come in to play.  I have enough vehicle near-misses as it is now, so I am glad to finally get some night running attire.

At first glance they appear to be normal armbands, but I have come to find that they have some pretty nice features.  For one, they slap on.  The bands are just like those slap bracelets that I had as a kid:  they are straight, then you hit it on your wrist and it curves around the wrist forming a circular bracelet.  Once it is on the wrist or arm it stays on until you remove it; no clasps needed.  They are also comfortable.  The only thing I was worried about was chaffing during really long runs, which I would have to test.

20160114_214251-1.jpgThe LED lights are turned on by pressing an easy to find button on the battery.  They are very bright and can be easily seen in the dark.  The lights can change their frequency from a fast blink to a solid light depending on how many times you press the button.  I don’t know if I would get tired of seeing the blinking during the entire run, but it makes it very easy to be seen by drivers and other pedestrians.

Overall the arm bands do their job very well and I am thankful to have them as my first nighttime running item.  While running in the dark drivers will be aware of my presence and I will have a greater chance of survival.  You can find the armbands on Amazon.  I will show more on the arm bands later when I get the rest of my Sith costume completed!



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