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Swim Goggles Reviewed

I have really been enjoying the cold weather we have been having lately, but I am looking forward to new cross-training endeavors that will complement my running when it starts to warm up.  One of those cross training activities will be swimming.  I have always wanted to incorporate swimming more, but I’m not really a swimmer.  Even though I am from Florida, we never had a pool growing up.

I recently received two pairs of swimming goggles from U-FIT at a discount for posting an honest review.  I was pleasantly surprised by how nice they were and how high the quality was.  One of them was for comfort and one of them was for performance.  They both fit well and did their job when I tested them out.  There is a nice seal that suctions to the face to keep all of the water out.  They are also easy to adjust to fit any sized head.  A great feature that puts them ahead of your typical swimming goggles is that they have fog-less lenses with UV protection, which is a great plus during the hot and humid Florida summers!  The comfort ones were a bit more comfortable to wear, but they did have bigger lenses that might be the cause of that.

I can’t wait to cross-train with these goggles this summer.  I shouldn’t have to wait too long; Florida winters are very short.  If you are interested in learning more about them, you can find both on Amazon here:  Performance and Comfort.  I have to say that U-FIT’s customer service is incredible.  They answer back right away and fix any problems with no questions asked.  I will definitely be buying more products from that company and I will write more about the goggles when I start heavy cross-training later in the year!


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