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Home Gym Elastic Exerciser Review

Elastic_ExercizerI have been trying out different equipment to use for cross-training and I believe that this elastic exerciser made by Pinjian is a great complement to my Pilates machine. Cross-training has to be one of my weaknesses.  I usually just run six days a week and then have an off day, but I feel that cross-training will make me a stronger runner.  I came across this elastic exerciser and it is very simple and effective.  You just put your feet in the stirrups and pull the handle.  My arms are very weak, so I could feel them working hard right away.  I do wish that there was more of a resistance for when I get stronger, but it does the job at the moment.  It is very light-weight, compact enough to take along during trips.  To read more about this piece of equipment you can find it here on Amazon.


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