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The Costume Journey: Part Four – The Sewing

I didn’t get as much of my costume completed as I would have liked over the holidays. During Thanksgiving weekend we were so busy that my mom and I hardly did anything with it.  All we had time to do was cut out the pattern.  I had to be measured and then we cut the line for the appropriate size that was printed on the pattern.


Over Christmas we managed to get the material pinned to the pattern and then cut the material.  That was a long process because there were so many different pieces to the running outfit.  We stayed up one night and got it done, but that was all we could do because I had to drive back to Orlando.

The New Year came and I was getting worried about finishing the costume on time so I decided to drive back home and stay for a night to finish it.  The next part that came was the fun part:  sewing it together!  Before the sewing started we had to read the directions and figure out what pieces went together and when.  We removed the pattern from the two pieces and pinned them together one at a time before sewing each. My mom started the sewing because I was still new at this and was afraid that I would screw something up.  I watched her lead and then it was my turn.  The material was hard to sew on because it was stretchy, but I think I did pretty well!


We continued taking turns sewing the costume together (my mom sewing during the more difficult sections).  The shirt has a bit more work left to be done but it fits great!  I wanted a lighter, less yellow color on the shoulder that should be skin, so my mom is going to try and accomplish that later along with the fringe and the belt.

The skirt turned out great!  It stayed on without the need of a zipper or any elastic.  We had to modify the pattern because I wanted the triangle shape that Pocahontas has on her dress in the front and the back.  I also needed it short enough to be able to run in, so adjustments were made.  I am very happy with how the costume is turning out and I can’t wait to show the finished product!




7 thoughts on “The Costume Journey: Part Four – The Sewing

      • I’m getting two sparkle skirts and two raw threads tanks. It’s not what I intended to do in the beginning but I’m excited about trying the new products. They’re all really cute too! I can’t wait to see your completed out fit!

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        • Thanks! My costume is almost finished. I love raw threads shirts. I have one that is for the Glass Slipper challenge (says 19.3 on the back). I haven’t tried Sparkle skirts, but everyone raves about them. I almost bought one, but they were charging a ton to ship it just an hour away. I have worn Sparkle athletic skirts and love them. I wore one for the 5k last year. I plan to only making one running costume a year. For this years 10k I am going to wear a Princess Leia dress I found at JcPenney. It looked and felt like a running outfit!!

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          • I’m excited about it! My first sparkle skirt is waiting on me at home and I’m so anxious to get back home to try it on! That’s great that you found a fun costume ready made too. Love Princess Leia! I haven’t decided which princess for which race yet though. I’ll have to check and see if they have a glass slipper challenge tank from raw threads at the expo!

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