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Training Update


Today I completed my last fourteen mile run of my Princess Half Marathon training plan!  I was really worried because the forecast showed that it would rain all day.  I had to complete the long run today because on Saturday I am running in the Lady Track Shack 5k.  I did get a window of opportunity at about 8:30 am while it was just partly cloudy.  During the run it did mist and by the time I got back to the condo my clothes were soaked.  I’m not complaining because the run was amazing!  I ran a different route than usual and even ventured off to an area where I had never run before.  It is always nice to have a change of scenery.  I even saw a rabbit in the new area!  It got scarred when I passed, but I was able to snap a photo.

By the ninth mile I was pretty tired.  These last couple of weeks have been crazy so I have been modifying my Nike training plan to accommodate them.  That has caused me to have three hard workouts in a row both weeks, which probably isn’t the best.  I may rest tomorrow so I can do my best on Saturday at the 5k!

Last week I went down to Fort Myers to watch my Dad play in a baseball tournament (he did great!).  I found out that running laps in a parking lot wasn’t as bad as I thought that it would be!  The hotel was supposed to have a gym, but they closed it down before we got there.  We were on a busy street, but the hotel parking lot and adjacent Burlington Coat Factory parking lot were huge and empty that early.  My Mom got up with me about 6:30 every morning and we ran laps through the parking lots.

I am still waiting for corral assignments for the Princess Half to be announced.  I am excited and nervous at the same time.  Track Shack said that it should be within the week, but I just want to know already!  Last year since I only did the 5k and 10k I had to find out my corral assignments at the expo when I picked up my packets.  This year I get to find out ahead of time, but the wait is killing me!  I plan on racing this race and I hope my hard work paid off by allowing me to be in one of the first couple corrals.  When I finally find out, there will be an update!


9 thoughts on “Training Update

  1. Wow good luck at the 5K! That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing! We’d love to hear how running has influenced your life (See the forums page and members and events page). We’ve created a website that brings together former and current athletes and provides a supportive and non-judgmental space for individuals to share their athletic triumphs and struggles. Thanks so much for your consideration! Margaret


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