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Cold Weather Running Headband

Next month I will be heading to Canada.  I’ve never visited before, and have been worrying about running weather that cold.  Sure, I ran in Boston, but when it was snowing I was just running to the warmth of a YMCA.  That brings me to this new product that I have found, a ponytail head band by Finish it! Gear.  In Boston I was wearing my Magical Run Bands over my ears to keep them warm, but I don’t think they will be enough in the Canadian cold.

20160215_142321-1.jpgI tried out the ponytail headband this morning on a chilly, sunless, Florida afternoon and I have to say that it worked great!  First and foremost it was completely comfortable.  During the run I even forgot I was wearing it!  The material is moisture-wicking, so it worked great to sop up the sweat that ran down my forehead.  I feel that the material was thick enough to keep me warm from the elements, but not too thick to become bothersome.

The main feature of the headband is the hole in the back to pull the hair through.  I usually use a hair tie, which can sometimes be too tight and uncomfortable, so pulling my hair through the soft fabric was a nice touch.  It forces the hair to be low to the neck for warmth without feeling the hair while running.

20160215_132856-1.jpgI am really happy with my new cold weather headband and can’t wait to try it out with my new cold weather running tights!  I hope these new items will help continue my training as I train for the Star Wars Half Marathon in April!  If interested in the headband you can purchase it on Amazon here  .  Finish it! Gear has provided me with a 20% off coupon to offer to my readers with the coupon code:  V6AW698A.  If you buy one let me know how you like it!


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