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Renard Compression Socks Review

20160226_133515-1.jpgCompression Socks and sleeves have helped me a great deal in my running. I usually wear them to keep warm during early morning runDisney events, but they can help with recovery as well. I recently picked up these black compression socks made by Renard Compression.   When I first put them on I could instantly feel the pressure on my calf muscles.  My legs instantly felt relaxed. I believe that compression helps my legs during races so they don’t feel sore when I am finished. I also like to wear them after a long run while I am relaxing. I’ve noticed that by doing this while increasing my milage each week, my legs don’t get sore anymore. I also believe that these new socks are contributing to that.

These socks are some of the most cushioned socks that I have ever had. I could instantly feel the comfort when I put my foot in. Comfort is something that I look for in a sock because I don’t usually like anything on my feet.

Renard has done a great job with the quality of this product. I feel that the socks will last a long time through the wear and tear of my long runs and the washing machine.

Overall I am very happy with this product and I can’t wait to run in the socks some more in the future. If you would like to read more about them you can find them on Amazon here.  I received this product at a discount for giving my honest,.unbiased review.


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