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Montreal Training

For the past month I have been in Montreal, Quebec for work.  With Star Wars:  The Dark Side Half creeping up on me I have had to continue my training here, although not in the best conditions.  I still follow the Nike Plus advanced plan, or at least I have been trying to. Work has not always been making that easy.  Hours have picked up a lot and I have been modifying my training plan either because of time or just because I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning.  I mean, who wants to go outside when it is 15 degrees!  That is exactly what I did today.  I was lucky enough to have a rare off day so I slept in for a bit and then went for a run.  It was one of the hardest runs of my life.  I made the mistake of stopping for a while to take photos of Olympic Stadium and by the time I started running again my hands were really hurting.  I was able to find a gas station where I went in to warm up my hands.  I don’t know if it was worth it, but I did get this cool photo with the help of my phone timer and armband:


I have had quite a few running adventures since I have been here.  One morning before work I ran ten miles up and down Mount Royal in the snow.  I found a nice long trail once I was near the top and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was!  It was my very own winter wonderland and probably one of my favorite training runs to date.  It was so peaceful there and I had to keep stopping to take photos even though I will remember it forever.

Running up Mount Royal has been very challenging.  There are so many hills in Montreal and I feel that has made me a better runner.  I am ready for The Dark Side Half and am really looking forward to it despite the heat in Florida.  I will also be working at the 10k the day before so say hi if you see me!  It should be fun and I am looking forward to a relaxing week off back at home.


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