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Disney World Marathon Weekend Registration


After Star Wars Half Marathon:The Dark Side last weekend I contemplated which runDisney half I should run during 2017.  I had thought that it would be Star Wars because I wanted to try to get legacy, but after running it I am having second thoughts.  I will elaborate more on why that is during my Dark Side race recap.

It just so happened that the Tuesday after the Half was early registration for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.  I plan on running the marathon as my first marathon in 2018 for its 25th anniversary, but the half seemed very tempting.   I have never run a race during marathon weekend and I thought it might be good to run the half the year before I take on the full.  Also it is the half’s 20th anniversary and those always make for great medals!

After considering all of that I signed up for the half.  The process was very quick and easy and I was finally able to use my new proof of time from this year’s Princess Enchanted 10k.  I know I won’t be in as high of a corral as at Princess during this race, but I think my proof of time will give me a decent, competitive corral that I can try to set a PR in. I can’t wait and I know it will be a lot of fun!


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