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Hello and Welcome!  I’m Robyn, a runner, avid Disney fan, and Artist.  I have spent most of my life in Florida after we moved from Houston when I was five.  I am a digital compositor in the film industry and have traveled a lot for my work the past couple of years, including going to Dallas and Boston for months at a time.  Being in Boston and seeing everybody running around me inspired me.  So when I went to Dallas right after, I started running myself.  I completed my first 5k at a local park there and loved it!  I came in 1st place in my age group and I haven’t looked back since.  That lead me to signing up for my first Disney race.Chris and I

I have been with my boyfriend Chris for over 4 years and we currently live in Orlando, Florida.  We just adopted a kitten in June called Lion.  He likes to run around the condo and he is starting to get the hang of playing fetch.  He will make a great dog.A couple month later we adopted another kitten called Kya.  We both love them very much.

IMG_2015I have a dog that I used to run with, but she lives in Ocala with my parents.  Her name is Holly.  I used to run 1.7 miles with her around the neighborhood and she loved it!  I run with her when I go home to visit.

Running has changed my life and I hope I can encourage and inspire others to start running so they can feel the joy that I feel every time I lace up my running shoes.  There is nothing like it.


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